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Working With Insurance Claims

We Are Your Insurance Specialists

Our staff is expertly trained and seasoned in coordinating with the insurance companies in order to maximize your home owners’s insurance claims from HAIL and WIND damage to catastrophic loss.  We are preferred contractor with many of the major insurance companies.  Contact us today in order to negotiate on your behalf.

Schedule a free roof inspection with Nailed It Roofing so we can assess the condition of your roof and provide our expert evaluation

If we do find that your roof has experienced storm damage and with your permission, we will contact your insurance company and file a claim on your behalf

An insurance adjuster will contact you to setup an appointment to inspect the roof. We will be present to represent your interests to the adjuster

The adjuster will send you paperwork stating the damages covered. We will review these documents to make sure every issue has been acknowledged.

Now that your roof has been approved, we will discuss a date to complete the repairs and go over various roof options that are available.

The insurance company will send two checks. Endorse the first to Nailed It Roofing, LLC and include your deductible plus the cost of any upgrades.

Once the job is complete, we will submit all the necessary paperwork to the insurance company so they will release final payment.

Once we tell the insurance company the job is completed, they will send a second check. Endorse it again to Nailed It Roofing, LLC and your done!

Damages to your roof following a severe weather event or storm may be overwhelming. If the weather has damaged your roof, you’ll need to make numerous phone calls and take several precautions.
For North Carolina citizens, it’s critical to have your house repaired after a storm. We experience hurricanes and strong winds on a regular basis throughout the year, and can put the structural integrity of your roof at risk.
If you wait too long to get your roof fixed, the damage may get worse and will cost even more in the long run.

Storm Damage Roof Repair You Can Count On

North Carolina experiences a wide range of severe weather. Your roof is subjected to a lot of stress, from tropical storms to blizzards. Nailed It Roofing has helped homeowners recover from every type of storm damage to their roofs.
We offer rapid, dependable service during and after a big storm. If your roof has been damaged by severe weather, don’t wait – call us today.

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