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Gutter Installation And Repairs

Nailed It Roofing has been providing gutter repair and gutter installation services to the residents and businesses of Charlotte, NC and the surrounding areas for years and are experts in their field. From proper technique and materials to navigating building codes and best practices, we are Charlotte’s top choice for gutter repair and gutter installation.

We install seamless gutters for all of our customers, so call us today for a free inspection and estimate.

A gutter is a necessary prerequisite for a home. A properly installed and well-maintained gutter system is essential for your home as it diverts rainwater away from your home, protecting the foundation and soil from damage. The absence of a gutter system or failure to effectively maintain your gutter system can lead to damage to almost all parts of your home. The foundation, roof, ceiling, external siding, and walls are all at risk without a functioning gutter system.

During a storm, the gutter directs water flow from your roof through the downspouts to appropriate areas outside your home. Especially in the wet Charlotte winters, a properly installed gutter system prevents water from settling around your basement, seeping into your foundation, and slowly weakening your home.

Why Do You Need a Gutter Installed?

You need a gutter to prevent water damage to your home. A gutter system protects your house from damage from the foundation to the exterior walls, fascia, ceiling walkway, driveway, and entrance. Two key areas that are especially susceptible to water damage are:

    • Where the roof meets the wall
    • Around the foundation perimeter

Types of Gutters

Our team at Nailed It Roofing installs seamless gutter for all of our clients.

K-Style Gutters: This is a traditional type of gutter system. It comes in different sizes and is more commonly used and durable than the round gutter style.

Half-round gutters: This is an older design of gutters and resembles a pipe divided in half lengthwise. It gives your home a unique and architectural feel.

Benefits of Professional Gutter Installation and Repairs

Even though there are many DIY tips on installing and repairing your gutter, nothing beats a professional service. DIY regular maintenance is essential, but when it comes to installation and repairs, an experienced hand is advised. Nailed It Roofing provides professional gutter installation and repair services in Charlotte and the surrounding areas.

Installing or repairing your gutter can be dangerous. To install or repair your gutter, you must climb a ladder to get to the roof, which is a considerable risk. Ladders cause a massive risk of slipping and falling. When you hire professionals, you avoid the risk of injuries from slipping and falling from shaky and unstable ladders.

Avoid Damage to Roof

When installing or repairing your own gutter system, there is the risk of damage to your roof as you may be inexperienced in navigating the roof when installing or repairing. A professional has the experience needed to fix your gutter without damage to the roof. Repairing a roof is no small cost! Avoid damage to your roof by hiring a professional to fix your gutter system.

Protects Your Home from Damage

Poorly installed gutters cause even more damage to your home. Sagging gutters add more weight to your roof that can eventually damage your roof. Also, water might not be directed to the proper channels for disposal, leading to some of the problems mentioned above.
Professional gutter installation and repairs are vital as it ensures quality and prevents damage to your home.

Professionals Can Spot Potential Problems

When you hire professionals to install or repair your gutter, they can spot potential problems with your roof or gutter system. They are experts in the field and recognize some signs you might not notice. Something like a missing screw, loose screw, small cracks, and dents that, if left unattended, might cause further damage to your gutter system, your roof, and home.

Additionally, professionals give you some essential DIY care tips for your gutter after installing it. At Nailed It Roofing, we advise our customers to maintain their gutters to increase the life of their gutter, roof, and house.

We provide quality service and pay attention to the details. We give your home the quality care it deserves so you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

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