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Residential Siding Replacement Services

Siding is an essential feature of your home’s exterior. Apart from the aesthetic appeal, it protects your home from rain, wind, snow, and other weather elements. Nailed It Roofing is a professional siding contractor in Charlotte, NC that offers quality siding replacement services.

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5 Signs that you need new Siding

1. Cracks

Noticeable cracks in your siding is a telltale sign that you might need to repair or replace your siding. Cracks create an entry point for insects as well as moisture. Consult a professional to determine the level and depth of the cracks to know if a patch can repair the damage or if a total replacement is required.

2. Rotting

Brittle sections that are crumbling or on the verge of crumbling are signs that you need to replace your siding. These sections have a duller shade when compared to the healthier ones. This is because the siding is being penetrated by water, and if left untreated, will lead to further decay.

3. Warping

Warping is a sign that your siding needs to be replaced. Warped siding shows that moisture has been trapped under the siding, or excess heat has affected the ability to function as a sealed barrier.

4. Holes from Insects

Holes in your siding is a sign of a significant problem. Although not easily noticeable, carved patterns or holes by insects or birds indicate that you need to replace your siding.

5. Traces of Moisture in the house

If you find traces of moisture inside your home, be sure to examine the exterior parts of your home in that exact location where moisture was spotted. Moisture, mold, or mildew growth on interior walls adjoining exterior walls is many times a sign that moisture is seeping in through faulty siding. Also, peeling paint and sagging wallpaper could indicate moisture seeping in through faulty exterior siding that needs to be replaced.

Most Common Types of House Siding

These days, there are a variety of materials to choose from when deciding what material to use for your house siding. Here are the ten most common types of house siding:

• Vinyl siding

• Fiber cement siding

• Natural wood siding

• Brick siding

• Split-log siding

• Stone veneer siding

• Natural stone siding

• Stucco siding

• Aluminum siding

• Metal siding

Some factors to take into consideration when choosing your house siding are:

• Your home structure and design

• Durability of the material

• Cost of the material

• Cost of maintenance

• Weather resistance

• Appearance

Tips for Choosing Siding Colors

Choosing a siding color can be a fun part of siding replacement but a little tricky. You want to ensure that your siding blends with the home’s style and exterior elements. Here are a few tips for choosing the right color for your sidings:

Consider your siding material: Some siding types like vinyl allow you free reign regarding color. However, some materials like brick and wood allow limited color options.

Consider your house structure: the structure and style of your home should also help determine the color of your siding. For example, bold colored sidings work best with Victorian-style houses, while gray, neutral, and subtle hues are better suited to Colonial homes.

Consider other exterior elements: when choosing a siding color, consider the other external factors like the doors, windows, and roof. Pick a color that goes well with these elements. Depending on your choice, you might decide to contrast or blend in with these elements.

Check out what your neighbors are doing: While standing out is a perfect option, sometimes it can be an excellent idea to check out what other people in the neighborhood are doing. Exploring the community can give you ideas of what you want and do not want, allowing you to see your ideas in real life.

Why do you need professionals to replace your sidings?

Replacing your siding is not a job to do by yourself. As much as you want to save money by doing it yourself, making a mistake could cost you more in the long run. Special tools and experience are needed for a successful siding replacement.

Hiring a professional siding replacement contractor like Nailed It Roofing, who knows the ins and outs of exterior maintenance and care, will get the job done and transform your home’s exterior in no time. We use better tools and the best gutter guards, advise you on the best material for your siding and understand the finer details of siding replacement. We provide complete and quality service from preparation to clean up.

Hire a professional siding contractor for peace of mind and warranty work with full backup.

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