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Sort out your power woes with solar power installation by the experts trusted by residents in Charlotte NC.  At Nailed It Roofing, we have partnered with Titan Solar to provide the residents of North Carolina sustainable energy solutions. 

 We remain a preferred choice among residents for Charlotte NC Solar Installation and the government’s efforts to help homeowners go green with sustainable power has been a shot in the arm for our services. The break on property taxes is just one of the many benefits of Solar PV systems. The NC Solar Rebates and Federal Solar Tax Credit offer substantial savings and exemptions from taxes when the solar powered premises are exclusively intended for residential purposes.

Residential Solar Solutions

The initiatives by the government offer the much-needed nudge to residents to stop reliance on the grid and choose greener sources of power. The demand for power in homes and businesses will only increase in a gadget driven world, and it is only a question of time before there is a major uptick in power requirements. This could, in turn lead to a snowballing effect, resulting in a serious negative impact on the environment.

At Nailed It Roofing, we are conscious of the effects on the environment, and more importantly, aware of the out-of-pocket expenses towards Charlotte NC Solar Installation. The benefits offered by the government are a refreshing change, offering homeowners considerable relief from the burden of pay-outs. Hikes in energy tariffs combined with increased usage, tend to increase bills, and the cyclic nature of bills and the increase in costs may burn a hole in pockets. With solar power, you get to rest easy, confident that you have slashed your power bills, not just once, but in a recurring manner, saving expenses considerably.

Solar Financing

Nailed It roofing owes its reputation to the various flexible and fully feasible finance options offered for Solar Power Installation in NC. The quality of the installation hinges on the type of materials used and the professionalism of the specialists in carrying out the installation. Our partnership with Titan Solar helps us to complete superior solar roofing installations, with high grade materials in the project.

Are you in need of a detailed assessment to help you decide on what’s best for your building? Fret not, our specialists offer clients and customers a detailed assessment to help you understand your requirements better, and match it with the perfect installation. Superior quality materials from Titan Solar helps us to be confident of the lifespan and functionality of the installation. Our roofs are known to last for an extended period, and this applies to our solar roofing in Charlotte NC.

Save Money with Green Energy

Become immune to tariff hikes, keep monthly expenses and bills in check, in addition to living responsibly. As a premier and reliable agency for Charlotte NC Solar Installation, the company helps residents cope with costs by facilitating attractive finance option. The combined effect of easy repayment options and the financial benefits offered by the government, keeps the pinch on the wallet as low as possible. Incentives offered by the government include rebates, solar tax credit and property tax exemption, making it an extremely attractive option, in addition to the feeling of being a responsible citizen.

We Are Your Solar Installation Experts

Our experts handle the complexities of solar roofing with a professional approach. You may not be aware that roofing installation makes it necessary to check compatibility of the wiring and components of your home. Charlotte NC Solar Installation does not begin or end with the installation, there are various requirements both before and during the installation. We assess specific requirements for the house, the type of support necessary for the panels, and the probability of increasing the capacity at a later date. Depending on this, our experts carry out the installation with options to add capacity later.

Solar roofing installation requires a blend of technical expertise about roofing apart from sound technical knowhow of solar power. This helps in installation of solar roofs that are robust, weather proofed and easy to maintain. Our reputation stems from this blend of expertise in the two fields, which are essentially two sides of the same coin. At Nailed It Roofing, we have mastered the processes, and our installed solar roofs are designed to function flawlessly and with just the basic cleaning/maintenance of the panels for smooth functioning.

Our experts carry out the assessment and facilitate/assist with the installation in collaboration with Titan Solar. Our comprehensive services for solar system installation is an end to end process – beginning with a free assessment, facilitation of finance, and the installation. We help homeowners understand all about the costs and savings, translating the figures into currency values, and the long-term impact in terms of real savings. We help home owners understand the difference between notional values and real values.

Embrace green energy and enjoy freedom from total reliance on grid power and high power bills. Get in touch with us for a detailed discussion, and make an informed choice. When you use our services, you receive the attention and expertise of an entire team of specialists, who will deliver a complete solution. This includes panels that are easily accessible for cleaning and maintenance in the future. The nature of panels and the exposure to the weather in NC weather makes it necessary to choose panels that can be easily cleaned and maintained.

Still unclear about solar roofing? Place a request for a call back and we will carry out a detailed assessment of your requirements, and help you understand the costs, and the processes involved in solar roof installation.

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